Fdr Lien Agreement

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The FDR lien agreement refers to a legal contract between the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Treasury Department concerning the handling of failed banks. The FDIC is responsible for taking over failed banks and selling off their assets, often at a loss. In order to minimize these losses, the FDIC may choose to place a lien on the assets of the failed bank, which means that the FDIC has a legal claim to the assets until the lien is satisfied.

The FDR lien agreement was implemented in 1991, during the presidency of George H.W. Bush, as a way to address the growing number of failed banks during that time. The agreement allows the FDIC to place a lien on assets of failed banks, which can include real estate, loans, and other assets. The Treasury Department, in turn, provides the FDIC with financing to cover the costs of managing the failed bank and selling off its assets.

The FDR lien agreement has been controversial since its inception, with some critics arguing that it gives too much power to the FDIC and can result in unfair treatment of creditors and other stakeholders. However, supporters of the agreement argue that it is necessary to protect the financial system from the risks posed by failing banks.

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